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Fitness Trainer – Nutritionist – Sports Massage Practitioner

Based in Huddersfield and covers the surrounding areas


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is defined as ‘the quality of always behaving or performing in a similar way' in other words, it's all about showing up and getting the work done–regularly.


The understanding of the subject of fitness that you get from experience. This is something that Chris Derrick has over 30 years of.


Getting long-lasting results takes time and of course, plenty of discipline. This is something that your fitness instructor Chris is very familiar with and will be able to help teach you.

Chris Derrick at the gym

Training Programs


We have created a 12-week transformation plan to help take your health and fitness to a new level.  Whatever your fitness goal from losing weight, getting lean muscle or boosting performance we create a tailored made plan for you


No fad diets or unrealistic claims… A program developed for your fitness level with a sustainable long term plan.  This program is about lifestyle changes, being active and losing weight in a controlled environment with the accountability staying with the client


Strength training program suited to all genders, from a novice to somebody that needs guidance on form and technique this program will aid your development. This program can help control weight, improve balance and boost energy levels.


Physical exercises that helps develop a physique, noticeable muscle definition without the bulk. Toning your muscles reduces body fat and body weight, improves your health and benefits the heart.


A program to help increase your endurance, an aerobic system using full-body workouts that has many positive effects on your health. Improves metabolism and a reduction of cardiovascular risk, this program is high-intensity training.


Are you a couple with the same fitness goal? Do you have a buddy with the same goal? This has a maximum of 2 people working together for support and motivation.  We also have a boot camp style training for a minimum of 5 or more people but this is limited to certain days and times.

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27 reviews on
Steve Brown
Steve Brown
Really enjoy PT sessions with Chris, he’s got such a great personality and gets the job done while pushing towards your goals, he has a fantastic set up with his own app for updates and contact for out of training sessions, work out plans etc it’s all there for you to use, I wish Chris all the best and look forward to training with him in the future
Gem Ma
Gem Ma
I have trained with Chris for almost 2 years. I look forward to each session knowing that he will push me to my limits. He has helped me to achieve many goals from getting me wedding dress ready to hitting lots of pb's. He is helpful, supportive and importantly always happy to review my programme to keep it interesting. I feel what makes Chris stand out above the rest is that he takes the time to get to know me, my values and motivations so when I need some help he can identify what I need really quickly.
Jenny Marshall
Jenny Marshall
I look forward to my PT sessions every week with Chris as I am always made to feel comfortable and at ease. He's really a great guy with loads of experience, since starting out with Chris, my confidence has come back and Im feeling and looking much better! I would highly recommend him to everyone as I wouldn't go anywhere else.
Simanvir Singh Mahil
Simanvir Singh Mahil
Chris is a a very good personal trainer who places the well-being of his clients at the heart of his business. I have achieved incredible results and Chris has always shaped my training to suit my requirements and schedule. Highly recommended!
Kay Olutayo
Kay Olutayo
Great sessions and experience. Friendly and assertive training to suit my style, and also learnt a lot from the sit-down sessions. Thanks CKD, I managed to shed off a few pounds and I am looking forward to shedding more. I would recommend CKD anytime
Sampete Suttons
Sampete Suttons
This trainer is simply one of the most dedicated , passionate and focus driven trainers I’ve ever had p.s :)
Poppy Richardson
Poppy Richardson
Absolutely love my sessions with Chris he makes you feel very comfortable and gives very good guidance, support and advice. Highly recommend his sessions
Seona Johnson
Seona Johnson
I found the the course was very informative. The exercises are varied so something for everyone. I now feel that I have the tools to build on to get the best results for me. Good value for money Chris is very approachable.
Jagpreet Sahota
Jagpreet Sahota
Chris is a brilliant PT. He has helped me build back my gym confidence and most importantly get me back into the gym on a regular basis. Chris has lots of knowledge and I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking to help build strength, confidence and knowledge

Archived testimonials

Ruben Ledger

Very high-quality coaching. Very professional and down to earth. I’d highly recommend this service.

Helen Culloty

I’d definitely recommend Chris as a PT. He listens carefully to your goals and works hard alongside you to help you achieve them. He is motivating during and in between sessions and has a huge bank of exercises to keep your sessions interesting. Thanks Chris!

Tom Clarke

Chris is a fantastic personal trainer! He gave me a brilliant, individual training plan suited to my goals and really helped to set me off in the right direction! My confidence was boosted and was seeing some great results! Any question I had about the programme/diet/exercise was answered by him and...

Auguste Sakalyte

Such a great motivator and teacher. I’ve grown my confidence at the gym, became stronger, and learnt many techniques that will help me with my fitness journey going forwards. Couldn’t have asked for a better PT.

Chloé Louise

Chris is an amazing PT, always motivates you to do the best and is very encouraging.

Lindsay Senior

Communication, Professionalism, Quality: Absolutely love my sessions with Chris he makes you feel very comfortable and gives very good guidance, support and advice. Highly recommend his sessions

Nasim Munir

I contacted Chris a number of weeks ago, due to having some concerns about my exercise/ weight etc… I had spoken to some PT’s prior to contacting Chris, and they really hadnt made me feel all that motivated, so in all honesty I did not expect much…When I first spoke to Chris, he wa...

Sasha Conley

Chris is an amazing Personal Trainer he’s very professional, friendly and ready to push you and work with you to achieve your goal! I’d highly recommend him 💪🏻

Gary Cooling

I have been working with Chris at CKD Fitness for around 6 months now and have found him to be a knowledgeable, friendly and professional individual who is really helping me to achieve my fitness goals and objectives. Due to the COVID-19 outbreak and lock-down with gyms being currently closed, I,m n...

Andrea Whitham

I can highly recommend Chris, definitely the best PT I’ve had. I’ve not enjoyed going to a gym before but Chris puts you at ease. Great info on exercises and diet. Always available to answer questions and give encouragement.

Sarah Crosby

Chris has been a superb guide in both group and individual training. Concentrating on the needs and abilities of individuals with vibrant, upbeat sessions. I’ve had excellent results since working with Chris and would highly recommend him for any training or dietary needs!

Samantha Booth

Chris has been my lifesaver for the past 3 months. I wanted to tone up and learn new training methods when at the gym on my own. Chris is so focused and makes my training enjoyable and I know what and where I need to be, to meet my targets. He knows exactly what he […]

Andrew Harper

I enjoy working with Chris because he knows what he’s talking about and always goes the extra mile to make goals come true – we would highly recommend Chris as a PT

Neelum Hussain

I saw Chris at the gym working with other clients for a few weeks and I loved how he was dedicated to each of them individually with their goal that’s why I picked him. I love my PT sessions with Chris!! He is a fantastic coach, makes me work hard, always attentive to what I […]

Matthew Dyson

All punctual and on time, very easy to get on with and informative, goes out of his way to help me engage and train in the correct manner. Can only say good things of him.

Jane Parry

Would highly recommend Chris as a personal trainer. I attend his group fitness sessions which are fabulous. Also, have PT sessions with him… saw really good results after weekly sessions over six weeks. Gives great advice on nutrition, fitness and exercise choice… Thanks Chris

Desmond Facey

Known Chris for a long time and I don’t think I’ve met a more committed individual in every way!! To this day, still one of thee most respect and looked up to people in every aspect! Trained with him at the gym for many years, so to see that he now wants to pass his […]

Matthew Dodd

Chris is truly inspiring, motivating and knowledgeable about what he does. Fitness and training is his real passion and he knows how to get results! Whatever your training goals, Chris is 100% the trainer of choice to help you achieve those goals! I couldn’t recommend Chris more in your traini...

Craig Sainsbury

Chris is a very focused and very motivated individual. He will push you to become the best you can, Based on his vast knowledge and experience.Also, a great all-round guy. Knows how to make training fun, but with great results.

Victoria Reilly

Chris is one the most brutal (in a good way 🤪) PTs! He will push you and motivate you to achieve your goals. Couldn’t recommend him enough! Not only will you change your body and habits but you’ll have fun doing it! 💪🏾

Anne-Marie and Paul Dinsdale

“Myself and my hubby Paul met with Chris for an induction at JD Gyms in Huddersfield. We were so impressed with him, we decided there and then to book him twice a week for 12 weeks to get us in shape for our amazing special holiday to Moofushi in the Maldives in January 2020. This […]

Beki-Jo Heeley

I can not recommend Chris enough… bubbly, energetic motivated ( no matter what time of day it is) but doesn’t take prisoners, he really does know his stuff and within a couple of weeks I could see change. thank you and bring on the next 9 months. I’m positive I’ll feel a prin...

Maxine Farrer

Nearly at the end of our 6 week ‘buddy’ sessions with Chris where my aim was to get in better shape for my holiday, I’ve started to see more definition and I am feeling stronger and more confident with the weights, we really enjoy the PT sessions and also the extra printouts of upp...


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