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About me

25+ Years of Experience.

Hi, my name is Chris founder of CKD FITNESS I am passionate about fitness and wellbeing. Are wanting to lose weight? Gain lean muscle? Get fitter and stronger? Or just need some help?

This is where I can help you!

As a personal trainer, my aim is to help improve you physically which will help towards your physical and mental health.  I specialise in fitness programs, nutritional advice, support and accountability to aid your fitness goals. No fad diets but I will give you a good education on how to make better nutrition choices for sustainability. I provide training programs that have proven to get results. Fitness can be fun with the right coach, I will be with you every step of your program to keep you motivated. I have over 30 years of fitness experience and your fitness levels are not barriers as all programs are tailored made to aid you to get your desired results.  Hundred’s of people have benefited through my programs. I am also the founder of the CKD FITNESS- Wellness And You Program .